Aku di Ibu Kota..

Ambil sedikit masa untuk bercakap dengan diri sendiri...

Tak sangka aku sekarang berada di tengah2 ibu kota Kuala Lumpur. Attachment at Institut Jantung Negara become a true story of mine. Next week I'll be starting to do counseling and manage cases in ward. The dietitians here keep reminding us (me and Nawa) to practice our English. We do not used to do any counseling in English. It becomes a challenge then.

Every day we keep on practicing, but i am not sure how far it will be accepted by our patient.

Hmm... how fast the time runs.. I still remember the days in Sungai Petani.. Where three lovely dietitians spent their time and energy to serve the community. Pn BAlqis, Puan Hanee and Puan Zaila are those three passionate ladies who are well known to many nurses in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim.

Not forgetting frenz.. Cheong Kim Mui, Farah, Ziha, and teman seperjuangan from UPM Wadi and Geo plus 3 young ladies of future dietitians from UKM, Dil, Pa'an and Mun. Good memories will alwayz remain unforgotten.

And also i remember the day we went to Gunung Jerai, Lembah Bujang, RFCs, Tanjung Dawai and also Titi Hayun (where my ear got infected due to the air sungai masuk dalam telinga.. haha). Surely i promised to come back again.
And thank u to Cikgu Suhaila n En. Zaidi for let their house to us. And thousand of tqs to makcik rahmah and saadah for helping us alot. May Allah bless u all.

Hmm.. i really miss my usrah. Need something to brighten up my heart.

Malam ni ada katibah. InsyaAllah nak berkatibah dalam ruang kecil yg disewa di quaters HKL ni..

Alhamdulillah ya Allah atas semua nikmat ini.. Teruslah bagi petunjukMu ya Allah.. sesungguhnya Engkaulah sebaik2 tempat berharap...


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