The Girl with Seven Names

The story is about Hyeonseo, a girl who left her hometown Hyesan in North Korea at the age of 17. Initially she wanted to leave only for a few days across the border, just to quench her curiosity about life outside the border of the most secretive country in the world, North, Korea by planning to stay with her uncle in China. However, unexpected circumstances that she never imagine would happen had forced her to run away for more that 14 years. She encountered terrible hardships during her run, and need to change her identity many times for her own safety. After 14 years finally she made it into South Korea asylum for North Korean defector. But her unbearable pain cause by separatiom from her family made her decided to help her mom and brother got out from North Korea and leave with her in Seoul.
She is a brave, smart, strong and determineded girl who had sacrifice her young age for something that most North Korean were denied for... FREEDOM.


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