Kari Ikan and Ayam Masak Halia for You!

We were at the PC wet market, and my mom was looking for some fresh fish to buy when I told her that i'm gonna cook fish curry for our dinner. The answer was OK, means that it will suit her appetite today. I tell you, this is the first time in my 25 y.o life i cook curry.. I had never like curry before except for kuah roti canai.. and I dont know how to cook curry. But i told myself, if i had never try, sampai bila-bila pun tak tahu masak kari. What if my life partner to be is a curry lover?? Haha, ke situ pula..

So this evening, after Asar prayer I entered my mom's 30 years old "battle field" and prepare all what i need for Kari Ikan, plus Ayam Masak Halia. I ask my sister Dila to help me, (in fact dia yang nak makan sangat Ayam Halia tu). To be frank, i Google the recipes.. Mesra.net plus i made comparison with the recipe stated at the curry powder packet~ At 6.30 pm, we end up with Kari Ikan & Bendi, Ayam Masak Halia, ulam timun & pegaga and sambal ikan bilis (this one my mom cooked it).. and also watermelon.. Wah, Sihatnya! Actually i supposed to use fresh/low fat milk to substitute santan in the curry so we can cut down fat content, but it's out of stock.

Honestly i didn't follow exactly what they write in the internet.. it might be "misleading" sometimes. Trust your tounge more than internet! Dont worry, practice make perfect =). Frankly as the first timer my curry didn't taste like kedai mamak, but i think i've done well. And Ayam Halia also turned out good.

Why on earth i tell you this? Because i feel good when i cook for my family. And i want to inspire you (ladies especially), no matter you dah kahwin ke belum, ataupun lambat lagi nak kahwin.. do cook for your family. Once a week is good enough for working ladies. Spread your love trough cooking is best to tell your family members that you love them, especially for those who hardly say "I love you Mak, Abah etc.." ..

After you make sure what you buy is all "Halal & Toyyib", then cook them with your heart ;)..
Cook with love.. is the best Therapeutic Diet for Hearts~
Masak dengan kasih sayang, adalah Diet Teraputik terbaik utk hati~


  1. Hahahaha...syabas su!!! Kari su nampak mcm finger-licking-good punye~~~ =)

  2. Hazirah! "Nampak macam" tu pun penting tuh! Hu~


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